Baxter Art, LLC Graeme Baxter BEM - Official Artist since 1986.

Product Descriptions

Graeme Baxter offers several products for our valued customers. We produce the highest quality prints on the finest linen and paper manufactured anywhere in the world. 


Open Edition prints are printed on a fine art quality paper stock. The main difference between an Open Edition print and a Limited Edition print is the Open print has no production limits while the Limited Edition will only print once in a limited quantity.  Image size is approximately 10" x 14" inches with an overall size of 12" x 16" inches.

Limited Edition prints are lithographic reproductions that has a specific number of prints that will be produced from the original and the quantity is established in advance of printing and cannot be exceeded. Limited Editions have a recognized value in the world market due to the artist's renowned reputation and collectability. Once the Edition is sold out it cannot be reproduced, thus increasing in value. Each print is individually embossed, numbered and personally signed by the artist in pencil with a Certificate of Authenticity accompanying each print. Our paper stock is 100 lbs. min. and acid free with an image size of 16" x 24" and overall size of 21" x 25.5 inches.

Official Limited Edition Print are "Official" because it is a branded print for a Major Event like Wimbledon or a Major Golf Tournament such as the British Open Championship, the Ryder Cup, the Presidents Cup, World Golf Championships, the PGA Championship, the Kraft Nabisco Championship and the Solheim Cup to name a few. Official Limited Editions are approximately a 16" 24" size and overall size of 21" x 25.5 inches.


Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) are prints produced on artist quality canvas, using pigmented based light fast inks. Their process of printing has become the leading method of producing exceptionally high quality fine art reproductions. The quality of each print is amazing and reflects favorable the beauty and texture of the original work. Graeme personally oversees each giclee production to insure the integrity of the image and color.  Each print is individually numbered and personally signed on the back of the canvas by the artist. The giclee is accompanied by an Elegant Book of Care and Authenticity incorporating the description of the original painting, Giclee process, how to care for the giclee and a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Giclee canvas sizes can range from:

18" x 24" |  20" x 30" |  24" x 36" |   And larger canvas sizes are available on request.

Remarque/Pencil Drawings

Remarque Originals are a small, personalized "original" drawing or symbol that an artist adds (near their signature or under the image) on a print. The presence of a Remarque increases the print's value. Originally, Remarque's were remarks made, in pencil that identified the various stages a printing plate went through while in the process of being finalized. Nowadays, a Remarque is primarily a "value-added" option for print collectors - meaning you can have an artist's Remarque added to your printed edition. All Remarque Originals are one size only, 12" x 29".

Original Oil Paintings

Originals are oil based paintings produced on the finest linen canvas available.

Originals canvas sizes range from:

18" x 24" |  20" x 30" |  24" x 36" |  30" x 46" | 40" x 60"  And larger canvas sizes are available on request.